Greetings from Colorado: New Belgium Brewing Co.

shiftFort Collins, Co.  About a 45 minute drive outside of Denver, we ventured to Fort Collins for the day and checked out the sites! Located on the continental divide, The township reminds me of an old western stop on the way west. As I quickly learned New Belgium Brewing is located here, and along with a beautiful brewery some of the most appetizing natural beer products I’ve tasted were here. Of my favorites, Shift, a 5% medium hopped beer is mild enough to refresh the 90º weather, and heavy enough for taste. The good news, is New Belgium is not only available in Fort Collins, but across the United States. On top of that they are known for their sustainable practices which include solar power, sourced local ingredients, and compostable packaging, distribution and water conservation. Making for a happy Sunday indeed.



Man & Machine: Dues Ex Machina


There is something about a beautiful bike that makes every man sigh, Deus Ex Machina, Centralized in Venice, Ca, is a one stop shop for all of your custom motorcycle, surf, and caffeine needs (Featured soon). This custom BMW R100s is one of the most rugged, badass bikes I have ever encountered. Popular in the late 1970’s this bike with a wide tank, cafe racer style, is meant to quickly get you from A to B.  With its polished chrome and slide attributes Deus has truly mastered the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . I’d be curious to put off road tires and see how this thing could do on a dirt trail with blue skies, and open roads.

Style and Taste: Hometown Brew.

Chico, California. A small town in Northern California that I happen to be from that happens to brew one of the best Ales in California, or even the entire country. Established in 1979 by Ken Grossman set out to make an amazing series of Ales and Lagers. Pale Ale was the first and everlasting classic of Sierra Nevada. Seen in many feature films, Pale ale is the choice for it’s green brewing process, 5.6%, and it’s classically cool looking label hand drawn in Chico. It will definitely be the highlight of any party and is truly a man’s beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale awards include:

The Great American Beer Festival (American Pale Ale: 1995, 1994, 1993;
Classic English Pale Ale: 1992; Pale Ale: 1990, 1989, 1987)

So you know its the best choice for those hot summer nights wherever you may be. They are also one of the largest Micro Breweries in the Country and Rival with Google for the most self sustaining. A large solar array covering the parking lot produces 1/3 of the energy need for brewing. Also are experimenting in growing they’re own hops on site and using goats to mow the weeds around the area. Their ultimate goal is to be 100% sustainable sometime in the next decade. Judd Apatow, Director of  is a huge fan, as well as Adam Sandler and many times actors will be seen drinking Pale Ale in these films. This makes for no annoying outside advertising and Sierra Nevada is one of the best kept secrets in America(only to be found). They also have a variety of 13 other flavors as well as seasonal and special promotion brews. Best served Chilled on a Summer Night.