Tales of the North: Surfing in the Arctic Circle


It truly amazes me what the development in surfing technology has done for us today. Chris Burkard, a photographer known for his astonishing imagery of some of the most bizarre, and remote waves in the world, has made a trip to the Arctic Circle and released this video. Wetsuit Technology has skyrocketed the last few years. As developments have been made in not only improving the material and production of neoprene, but the strategic placement of wool, as well as other elements of tape and rubber to seal off even the coldest of conditions. Surfers can now cross channels and catch swells that have never been explored by man before. Just as the first men who climbed everest and walked on the moon. These men are truly going where no men have gone before.




Weekly Spotlight: Rob Machado/Alex Atala


Rob Machado has lived a fascinating life. Born to a professional surfer in Australia, and raised in Southern California his name has become world famous for his surfing skills, and more recently his artistic vision. Rob Machado quit the WCT (World Championship Tour) but finds his passions in “Free” surfing. His influence has taken him around the world, in search of the best rides, and finds his soul surfing keeps him grounded. In this video, the latest on his “Through the Lens” Series, Rob ventures to meet with Alex Atala, a world renowned chef, that has focused his passions in life through beauty, both inside and outside the kitchen. Check it out.

Contra Costa.


Spring Equinox makes the days almost 12 hours long, that’s plenty of time to get up early, get out of the city and head to the coast. Scotch and Soda is an Amsterdam Based brand that has used there summer collection to promote just that (Tee, Scarf, & Shorts) Protect your neck from the sun, and aways stick with SPF 15+. Match that with a worn out old pair of Rainbows, and gear (5’6 Travis Reynolds Spud). My personal favorite size board. If you want to easy into the summer a little more try out the most beautifully designed “apparatus” to date, the iPhone of Vaporizers. (Pax by Ploom) and always stay hydrated; I recommend Chico, Ca based brand Klean Kanteen. 100% toxin free, made in USA and Mirror, Matte, or color finish. Always wear sunglasses. ☀