My biggest way of starting the week is knowing that Monday is going to be important. No matter what you do, where you live, where you are planning to go, make sure Mondays are going to be more than just Mondays. A day to form a new relationship, start a new habit, end an old habit, or maybe its just to get up, smell the coffee, and take a walk before work. Either way do something today you never thought you’d do before, and reminisce on the weekend behind you. Seeing friends, relaxing, or doing something you love. Happy Monday.


Supertide Me.


Nixon has been mastering tide technology for sometime. This is the pinnacle of their designs so far. Featuring tide control for over 200 beaches around the world, this will give you perfect timing and precision of when to go. Now if only it could give you the swell size. Next year maybe.

Surfing Urban.

ImageSurfing in the city is no easy task, but’s even harder is not looking like a d*k walking through the city with a board attached to your hip. With fall quickly approaching black is back and here’s the look. Shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC, Bag by Norse Projects, Board by Aloha (my own personal right now), Denim by Nudie, Socks by Happy Socks,  and Insulated bottle by Klean Kanteen. Insulation is key after a cold surf. Wool Socks, and Hot Coffee. 

Man & Machine: Dues Ex Machina


There is something about a beautiful bike that makes every man sigh, Deus Ex Machina, Centralized in Venice, Ca, is a one stop shop for all of your custom motorcycle, surf, and caffeine needs (Featured soon). This custom BMW R100s is one of the most rugged, badass bikes I have ever encountered. Popular in the late 1970’s this bike with a wide tank, cafe racer style, is meant to quickly get you from A to B.  With its polished chrome and slide attributes Deus has truly mastered the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . I’d be curious to put off road tires and see how this thing could do on a dirt trail with blue skies, and open roads.

Contra Costa.


Spring Equinox makes the days almost 12 hours long, that’s plenty of time to get up early, get out of the city and head to the coast. Scotch and Soda is an Amsterdam Based brand that has used there summer collection to promote just that (Tee, Scarf, & Shorts) Protect your neck from the sun, and aways stick with SPF 15+. Match that with a worn out old pair of Rainbows, and gear (5’6 Travis Reynolds Spud). My personal favorite size board. If you want to easy into the summer a little more try out the most beautifully designed “apparatus” to date, the iPhone of Vaporizers. (Pax by Ploom) and always stay hydrated; I recommend Chico, Ca based brand Klean Kanteen. 100% toxin free, made in USA and Mirror, Matte, or color finish. Always wear sunglasses. ☀

Style and Taste: Hometown Brew.

Chico, California. A small town in Northern California that I happen to be from that happens to brew one of the best Ales in California, or even the entire country. Established in 1979 by Ken Grossman set out to make an amazing series of Ales and Lagers. Pale Ale was the first and everlasting classic of Sierra Nevada. Seen in many feature films, Pale ale is the choice for it’s green brewing process, 5.6%, and it’s classically cool looking label hand drawn in Chico. It will definitely be the highlight of any party and is truly a man’s beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale awards include:

The Great American Beer Festival (American Pale Ale: 1995, 1994, 1993;
Classic English Pale Ale: 1992; Pale Ale: 1990, 1989, 1987)

So you know its the best choice for those hot summer nights wherever you may be. They are also one of the largest Micro Breweries in the Country and Rival with Google for the most self sustaining. A large solar array covering the parking lot produces 1/3 of the energy need for brewing. Also are experimenting in growing they’re own hops on site and using goats to mow the weeds around the area. Their ultimate goal is to be 100% sustainable sometime in the next decade. Judd Apatow, Director of  is a huge fan, as well as Adam Sandler and many times actors will be seen drinking Pale Ale in these films. This makes for no annoying outside advertising and Sierra Nevada is one of the best kept secrets in America(only to be found). They also have a variety of 13 other flavors as well as seasonal and special promotion brews. Best served Chilled on a Summer Night.


 After a long winter, things start heating up in California. With the Santa Ana’s blowing throughout the Southland, the atmosphere here seems a lot warmer then the previous weeks. With Spring/Summer right around the corner thought I would update you on the look for an 80˚ day. First get a new pair of Levi’s for the spring with wicked hot days and even colder nights these will keep your temp in and out depending on how far the sun is beyond the horizon RIGID are excellent because they hold their shape and always keep it clean. Bring out some work wear boots, the real kind. Not some H & M mark off. You will find them in most antique stores ask around, maybe a vagabond uncle or father has them lying around. Also keep it brown. Unless you think your Harley Davidson steel toes and black leather aren’t gonna fly until you have an engine between you. Match it with a western saddle belt. You may not know how to ride a horse but they’ll keep your pants up if you do. Flask. Stanley. Do NOT buy at Urban Outfitters. Go to a hardware store and look around. Gold Aviators. Silver Zippo. Unless your Biggie a gold lighter will look like you’re trying to hard. Plain White Shirt. Doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. If you pay more then $10 for a white shirt you’re, again, trying to hard. Always carry a notebook for ideas, or any thing you may need pencil and paper for. Feather Necklace by obey. It shows off your “Free Spirit” and finally. Learn how to straight edge, though dangerous and sometimes not necessary it makes then entire process of shaving more rewarding. Talk to a barber. Naturally Rugid will keep you cool for a day in the Mojave. Keep a Navajo Scarf lying around for quick clean up and possible blanket at night. Cheers.