My biggest way of starting the week is knowing that Monday is going to be important. No matter what you do, where you live, where you are planning to go, make sure Mondays are going to be more than just Mondays. A day to form a new relationship, start a new habit, end an old habit, or maybe its just to get up, smell the coffee, and take a walk before work. Either way do something today you never thought you’d do before, and reminisce on the weekend behind you. Seeing friends, relaxing, or doing something you love. Happy Monday.


Weekly Endorsement


With the resurgence of Hawaiian Print, these Hartford Shorts (Sold on Mr. Porter for $165) can be worn with just about anything to the beach, Atlantic or Pacific. There are quick-to-dry and are a slim fit that rises 4 inches above the knee, and have 3 pockets for quick stash access.

Contra Costa.


Spring Equinox makes the days almost 12 hours long, that’s plenty of time to get up early, get out of the city and head to the coast. Scotch and Soda is an Amsterdam Based brand that has used there summer collection to promote just that (Tee, Scarf, & Shorts) Protect your neck from the sun, and aways stick with SPF 15+. Match that with a worn out old pair of Rainbows, and gear (5’6 Travis Reynolds Spud). My personal favorite size board. If you want to easy into the summer a little more try out the most beautifully designed “apparatus” to date, the iPhone of Vaporizers. (Pax by Ploom) and always stay hydrated; I recommend Chico, Ca based brand Klean Kanteen. 100% toxin free, made in USA and Mirror, Matte, or color finish. Always wear sunglasses. ☀