After a long winter, things start heating up in California. With the Santa Ana’s blowing throughout the Southland, the atmosphere here seems a lot warmer then the previous weeks. With Spring/Summer right around the corner thought I would update you on the look for an 80˚ day. First get a new pair of Levi’s for the spring with wicked hot days and even colder nights these will keep your temp in and out depending on how far the sun is beyond the horizon RIGID are excellent because they hold their shape and always keep it clean. Bring out some work wear boots, the real kind. Not some H & M mark off. You will find them in most antique stores ask around, maybe a vagabond uncle or father has them lying around. Also keep it brown. Unless you think your Harley Davidson steel toes and black leather aren’t gonna fly until you have an engine between you. Match it with a western saddle belt. You may not know how to ride a horse but they’ll keep your pants up if you do. Flask. Stanley. Do NOT buy at Urban Outfitters. Go to a hardware store and look around. Gold Aviators. Silver Zippo. Unless your Biggie a gold lighter will look like you’re trying to hard. Plain White Shirt. Doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. If you pay more then $10 for a white shirt you’re, again, trying to hard. Always carry a notebook for ideas, or any thing you may need pencil and paper for. Feather Necklace by obey. It shows off your “Free Spirit” and finally. Learn how to straight edge, though dangerous and sometimes not necessary it makes then entire process of shaving more rewarding. Talk to a barber. Naturally Rugid will keep you cool for a day in the Mojave. Keep a Navajo Scarf lying around for quick clean up and possible blanket at night. Cheers.