Weekly Spotlight: Rob Machado/Alex Atala


Rob Machado has lived a fascinating life. Born to a professional surfer in Australia, and raised in Southern California his name has become world famous for his surfing skills, and more recently his artistic vision. Rob Machado quit the WCT (World Championship Tour) but finds his passions in “Free” surfing. His influence has taken him around the world, in search of the best rides, and finds his soul surfing keeps him grounded. In this video, the latest on his “Through the Lens” Series, Rob ventures to meet with Alex Atala, a world renowned chef, that has focused his passions in life through beauty, both inside and outside the kitchen. Check it out.


Halfway Mark.


Always take a moment to reflect. It’s halfway through the year and my motivations are strong. The only thing I forgot. Live well.

Fútbol Fever.

World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup has been an exciting one to say the least. Football has been a unifying sport for the international community for centuries and it is understandable why. My favorite thing thus far about the world cup has been Brazil’s hosting. The extraordinary colors, culture, and visions of places so beautiful it would be an honor to set foot there, as much as it is to play for your country. Nike and Adidas have done an amazing job at uniform and boot design. As it has truly tested the modern code of athleticism and men’s classic fashion. Neons, and bright colors truly represent the spirit of the game and the country hosting it. I’ll have to get a pair myself

Supertide Me.


Nixon has been mastering tide technology for sometime. This is the pinnacle of their designs so far. Featuring tide control for over 200 beaches around the world, this will give you perfect timing and precision of when to go. Now if only it could give you the swell size. Next year maybe.

Surf Rivalry.

Surf Rivalry

With the East Coast/West Coast Rivalry alive as ever. Which do you choose, the mellow green surf of the Pacific or the toppling slabs of the Atlantic? With companies popping up on both sides of the nation, such as Vissla Surf and Saturdays NYC. The competition is fierce, or maybe we can call a truce.

Surfing Urban.

ImageSurfing in the city is no easy task, but’s even harder is not looking like a d*k walking through the city with a board attached to your hip. With fall quickly approaching black is back and here’s the look. Shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC, Bag by Norse Projects, Board by Aloha (my own personal right now), Denim by Nudie, Socks by Happy Socks,  and Insulated bottle by Klean Kanteen. Insulation is key after a cold surf. Wool Socks, and Hot Coffee. 

Man & Machine: Dues Ex Machina


There is something about a beautiful bike that makes every man sigh, Deus Ex Machina, Centralized in Venice, Ca, is a one stop shop for all of your custom motorcycle, surf, and caffeine needs (Featured soon). This custom BMW R100s is one of the most rugged, badass bikes I have ever encountered. Popular in the late 1970’s this bike with a wide tank, cafe racer style, is meant to quickly get you from A to B.  With its polished chrome and slide attributes Deus has truly mastered the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . I’d be curious to put off road tires and see how this thing could do on a dirt trail with blue skies, and open roads.